I don’t post here anymore.

So you can stop stalking me now.

I know who you are, I see how much you are on here, I see where you’re coming from and what you’re searching.

Sorry you didn’t find what you were looking for.

Now fuck off.

lol chingate pendeja, get a hobby

lol chingate pendeja, get a hobby

Salaam akaykum everyone.

You’ve probably noticed that I haven’t been here as much.

I re-made my blog, started completely over. It’s been four years, it was about time!

If we are mutuals I have likely already followed you on my new blog. If I haven’t, please message me. If we aren’t mutuals, you’re more than welcome to ask me for my new one.

I will leave this blog up until the end of Ramadan, insha’Allah, so that I can go through my archives and save anything I want from it.

I hope you all have a blessed month full of love and new opportunities. I know I will.

May Allah bless and keep you all.

Best wishes,



20120301 Cultural Path 9 (Engawa) (by BONGURI)


20120301 Cultural Path 9 (Engawa) (by BONGURI)

New followers, stay tuned.

View of Jerusalem (by Philip Carrel)

View of Jerusalem (by Philip Carrel)


stop this I’m deleting


stop this I’m deleting

"Crossing any border without documents is illegal" fact actually just statistical error. Let me explain what a refugee is for you, you ignorant shits who have never heard of International Refugee Law.


If you are in Tucson, Phoenix or wider Arizona and would like to donate money, supplies, your time or skills to families and children in detention, the Florence Immigrant Project needs your help. 

The page has links to steps you can take to support immigrant children in detention. This is important as ICE begins to move kids from warehouses and bases in Texas all throughout the Southwest.


no one should have to say kaddish for their child

no one


According to CBP data, 445 immigrants died along the U.S. southwest border in 2013, many in the Rio Grande Valley sector of Texas. 

In a neglected cemetery an hour’s drive north of the Mexican border, the graves of unknown immigrants lay hidden among and beneath the marked gravestones of others.

“They’re buried throughout the cemetery,” explains Baylor University’s Lori Baker, who heads a team of more than 30 archaeologists and forensic students.

The team has unearthed a mass grave of undocumented immigrants — dozens of bodies found in an unmarked corner of the Sacred Heart Burial Park in Falfurrias, Texas, nearly 80-miles from the border.

"There’s no dignity in someone being buried in trash bags.”

From the series Inside the Nazi State.

"We must find the killers of our boys. But all of the time remember that there is no magic number of terrorists we can kill that will end the violence. There is no military operation that will prevent future kidnappings, bombings and violence. Only a negotiated settlement can do that."

That’s Marc Goldberg, in an excellent blog post — So, how many Palestinians should we kill?in the Times of Israel.

I could have quoted the whole post because I agree with everything Goldberg writes about the violent reaction in Israel to the kidnapping and subsequent murder of Gilad Shaar, Eyal Yifrach, and Naftali Fraenkel.

But, in particular, this is where Goldberg really takes the Netanyahu government to task for its policies of expanding West Bank settlements and collectively punishing Palestinians:

We’ll build more settlements in the name of our dead, we’ll continue sweeps of arrests and send soldiers into the hearts of Palestinian towns and cities (as we already have) and we’ll launch even more aerial bombing raids. We’ll make sure that all Palestinians know that we blame every last one of them for this crime. There’ll be arrests and there will be riots and there will be more dead and at the end of it all we’ll be in exactly the same place we’re in now.

A lot of people, in Israel and in the United States especially, aren’t going to want to read this sort of thing; they’ll argue that now isn’t the appropriate time.

But, in fact, this is precisely the time. It would have been inappropriate to start this conversation the very moment the boys’ bodies were found, as many critics of Israel attempted to do. But now, days later, with angry mobs threatening and attacking Palestinians and with the Israeli government ramping up its official violent response, someone must make these points about how terribly damaging it is to continually respond to the most awful and senseless violence with more awful and senseless violence.

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